Sexy tales: eyesex, scandal, drama, and partial nudity guaranteed.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tales From Orchestra Tour II: In Which There Is Partial Nudity

Free day in Denver!  Hot damn.  It was a beautiful sunny day and Denver is a wonderful city.  There was shopping, touring, walking, and general fun.  I went to the zoo with a bunch of others, and we walked around a bunch.  Dinner and drinks with Dr. B the other orchestra seniors.  Good times had by all.  The next morning we didn’t have to check out of our hotel till 11, so I got up early and went swimming/hot-tubbing, then took a walk downtown.  Very nice.  I was up at 6 and had the pool and hot tub all to myself. 

Before you roll your eyes, let me defend myself by saying that I woke up at 6 without an alarm because we had to be up very early every day on tour.   

And there may or may not have been the unspoken hope that Dr. Beauregard might be taking an early morning swim.  Just maybe.  I’m not saying I want to see him in less clothing (i.e., as little as possible).  I’m just not not saying it.  Don’t judge me, you bastards.  The man’s fucking hot.