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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Operas In Plain English: Magic Flute, Act I

During my sophomore year of college, the spring opera was Magic Flute. My roommate was one of the 3 Ladies, so I borrowed her score one day and wrote this.  I've seen Flute 4 times, and to this day, it still makes no sense. 

Die Zauberflöte
Music by W.A. Mozart
Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder
Synopsis by Sadie

The orchestra begins with a really fucking AWESOME overture in E-flat major. ROCK ME AMADEUS. There’s a nice fanfare section, during which the slower audience members have time to go sit down before the great bouncy little fugue-y part begins. This part is barrels of fun, very catchy, and gets everyone excited. The curtain goes up. Everything else goes downhill from there...

Friday, July 30, 2010


The celesta is a boxy little keyboard instrument, often used as auxiliary percussion in orchestral (and band) music.  Often, if no percussionist plays piano or if the part is too difficult, the conductor pulls in a pianist.  Hence, I was born.

Thanks to my view from the back row, I have learned lots - about orchestra, orchestral music, orchestra musicians, opera, and other things.  It's a unique perspective.

For the official nickname "Celesta Fiesta," I have good friend (and principal cellist) Jessie to thank.

Tune in for my charming commentary on orchestra and life.