Sexy tales: eyesex, scandal, drama, and partial nudity guaranteed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tales From Orch Tour I: In Which There Is Immediate Fuck-Uppage

Senior year, orchestra tour, spring break!  We piled equipment, luggage, and finally ourselves onto the tour buses on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, preparing to venture out into the Wild, Wild West (read:  Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas) on orchestra tour.  I was SO FUCKING PUMPED.  The year before, I had spent spring break in Hawaii, but I knew that this was going to be just as epic.  It was my first orchestra tour, and I was wicked excited.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who's Who: People in CPGTO

Here I present dramatis personae.  The main players in my musical world.  Though lots of this will be explained, here’s a lineup of the main characters thus far.  Any more will be introduced as needed.

Sadie:  me.  La cĂ©lesteuse.  Yes, I made that term up.

Jessie:  principal cellist.  In my class.  Love her to pieces.  Super inappropriate.  Which is why she’s awesome.

Eric:  former concertmaster.  Concertmaster for three years, then left orchestra his last year to sing in choir.  Easy on the eyes.

Philippe:  the celesta.  Yes, I named the celesta.  We spent a lot of time together.  His full name is Philippe Louispensier-Fermat Clopin LeBombardier, but we all call him Philippe.

Dr. Beauregard:  our fearless maestro.  Cellist who became a conductor.  My conducting teacher and my idol.  When he says jump, we not only say How High, we say Thank You For Letting Us.  Sir.  He is also a Thing Of Beauty and a Joy Forever.

Dr. Adams:  the main choir director.

Dr. Jerome:  voice teacher, opera director.

(When we come to opera stories, I’ll introduce the singers as necessary.)

That’s all for now.

STAY TUNED...partial nudity did occur on orchestra tour, and it will be recounted.